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March 31st, 2015

National "On-A-Stick" Day!
95 WIILRock Listeners called in and suggested things to be made on a stick! We determined the final 4..
Top Right: Deep Fried Beer Batter Bacon Wrapped Pickles.
Top Left: Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños. 
Bottom Left: Lobster Corn Dogs with an Aoli Sauce
Middle Right: S'mores on a stick!

February 3rd, 2015

We made a Strata, seasoned potatoes, French Toast Mini Muffins, and fresh fruit for the whole 95.1 WIILRock Staff! 

We are so happy that it was a huge hit & It is always a pleasure from the Kim & Ellory's Kitchen Family...

(Picture Credit to Emily Jacobsen)

Duco's Birthday French Toast

Here's the recipe for the French Toast we did on WIIL Rock (95.1fm), in honor of Duco's Birthday! Enjoy!

6 Extra Large Whole Eggs

1 1/2 C Milk

1 t Vanilla Extract

1/4 t Cinnamon

1/2 C Granulated Sugar

8-10 Slices of Challah or Hawaiian Bread

1-2 t Butter

Powdered Sugar

Fresh Raspberries

Raspberry Syrup

Preheat oven to 350. Cut bread into 1 inch slices. Place bread on cookie sheet and bake for about 10 minutes, until slightly toasted.

In a bowl, add 6 eggs, milk and vanilla. Whisk together. Add sugar and cinnamon, and mix well.

Preheat griddle or large frying pan over a medium heat. Teflon works the best. Cover bottom of pan with butter.

Dip bread into egg mixture, and place in pan, flipping once until golden on both sides. Top with fresh raspberries, & raspberry syrup, and dust with powdered sugar.

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