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Below are some of the most common questions we get about our services. If you have any other questions, that are not covered here, we encourage you to fill out our Contact Us Form or drop us a line at the email address at the bottom of this page.

Cooking Class Parties

  1. Are your Cooking Class Parties Group Participation?

    Yes and No. The Classes are taught by Chef Kim in a Demonstration style. We can of course incorporate a guest of honor, in some of the prep work, if you'd like.

  2. How many people can attend a Cooking Class Party?

    That really depends on the size and layout of your kitchen...since that's where we do them. We have stools for up to 14 people. The question for you  really is..."how many people can I comfortably fit in my kitchen space?"

  3. Will my guests still be hungry for more food, after the Cooking Class?

    The Tapas Style, or small plate appetizer Classes are just that. Small plates of food. Some clients contract us for additional food, or make something themselves, to assure their guests are well fed.

     As for the Dinner Cooking Class Parties...we make salad, main course and side dishes, and dessert. That would be a definate NO! They will not be hungry!

  4. When do we eat?

    You eat all the way through the class. After each item is demonstrated by the Chef, a finished product will be passed to all of your guests to enjoy immediately.

  5. What kind of budget should I have?

    That really depends on how elaborate you want your menu to be. If you want a salad bar, a potato bar, a ton of side dishes, and 4-5 main courses…you’re probably looking at a pretty expensive per person price. This goes back to the previous section, about how much food to provide. Any “bar” that you want to do, means that we have to provide enough of every single ingredient for every single person. That goes for salad dressings, toppers for potatoes, etc.

    We’ll work with you to develop a menu that doesn’t get all crazy with ingredients.


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Buffet Services

  1. How many people can your buffets serve?

    We've done buffets for large and small groups. We can accommodate groups of 300 or more. Just let us know how many folks you're planning on having!

    For larger groups, we do recommend setting up multiple buffet stations, as well as adding additional staffers. One buffet area for a large group can really slow down food service. Guests don't like waiting an hour to have their turn at the buffet.

  2. What kind of budget should I have?

    That really depends on how elaborate you want your menu to be. Our Basic Buffet services start at about $20 per person.

    Now, If you want a salad bar, a potato bar, a ton of side dishes, and 4-5 main courses…you’re probably looking at a pretty expensive per person price. This goes back to the previous section, about how much food to provide. Any “bar” that you want to do, means that we have to provide enough of every single ingredient for every single person. That goes for salad dressings, toppers for potatoes, etc.

    We’ll work with you to develop a menu that doesn’t get all crazy with ingredients…unless that’s what you want, of course!


  3. How much food should I get?

    When doing a buffet at a location, it’s important to keep in mind that people will usually eat MORE than they usually do. That is to say, they will TAKE more than a normal portion, because they want to try everything. Doing “partial portions” (50/50) of main courses, salads or side dishes, increases the risk of running out of food before all your guests have been through the line.

    We recommend doing full portions of each item. Will you have food left over? Probably…but it’s better than running out too soon. There’s nothing worse than one guest saying to another guest “OMG you have to try the salmon!” . Only to have that second guest feeling left out, because the salmon is gone.


  4. Why do you specialize in buffets for catering?

    Buffets are easy to set up, the food is always hot, and it's more cost effective for most folks these days, when prices for large events are so high.

    It also avoids the traditional dried out beef or chicken dishes we've all been served at large sit down affairs.

  5. Do you do finger foods?

    Sure. Many folks have cocktail parties, and want to ensure that their guests have something in their tummys while having a glass of wine or cocktail. We can do a wide variety of food, that only requires a napkin...keeping the other hand free for a beverage.

  6. How long are you there?

     Delivered Food is simply a drop off service. The disposable Package includes the complete set up your food, and disposables.

    If you choose the Chef Services Package, we're there for a total of about 3 hours. There's about 90 minutes to set up, then 1 hour of actual food service (per Health Dept Standards) and then about 30 minutes to break down, and pack up. If you need us for a longer period of time, contact us, so we can work out the details and pricing.

    Additional Chef time can be secured if you'd like the buffet to be replensihed with fresh food, for a longer service time, or if you're adding an appetizer and dessert buffet to your Dinner Buffet

  7. Can I keep the left-over food from my buffet?

    Unfortunately, local Health Department regulations say "no".

    Food that has been in a buffet  is considered "unsafe" for use at a later time.

    We are "Servsafe Certified" in safe food handling, and follow the letter of the law to the fullest.

  8. Why do you charge extra for additional services?

    Customizing each buffet to meet the specific needs of our clients  is what we do. This enalables each client to get exactly what the need to fit their concept and budget.

  9. Do you provide bartending services?

    If you require Full Bartending Services, we do have relationships with Bartending Service Companies that can take care of everything. We'll be happy to put you in touch with them.We reserve these references for our clients only.

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Corporate Events

  1. Can you bring food to my office?

    Of course! We have a number of repeat Corporate Clients who use us for early morning breakfast buffets, or working lunches. It's a great way to keep the team fed, while making the most of your busy work day. Our "Delivery Packages" are specially designed for these types of events. The cost is low, but the quality is high.

  2. What about entertaining clients in my home?

    Impressing the boss, or an out of town client is easy! Kim & Ellorys Kitchen can do full service dinner parties for up to 25 people. You'll have a Chef and Server, and some of the tastiest food possible. You'll have the comfort of a home cooked meal, with the style and flair of the downtown restaurants.

  3. Can you do a LIVE Demo at our office?

    Sure! We can set up a make shift kitchen just about anywhere. Just make sure your building supervisor allows that sort of thing first. We don't want to set off any smoke alarms and get anyone in trouble! Check out our Live Demo page for details and pricing.

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  1. Why do some of your prices say "Starts at..."?

    This is a base price for many our services. Pricing will change depending on the level of difficulty, the time needed, and the cost of each menu item. Dinner buffet pricing is based on your selections.

  2. What kind of deposit do you need?

    A 30 % non-refundable deposit on a credit card is required to secure event services. When we receive a deposit, you are garaunteed of our services for the date you've chosen, and we stop taking estimate requests from all prospective clients for that date.

    If you want to pay your deposit with a check, then it must be received within 24 hours.

    The exception to that rule is when booking Delivered Buffets or last minute events. Those require payment in full at the time of booking.

    We do not hold dates without a deposit.

  3. Why does your site say "minimum charges may apply"?

    Food, utilities, staffing, cooking time, and office time must be incorporated into our all inclusive pricing. There is a bare minimum that is required in order to cover all those expenses, while still making a profit. We'd be out of business real fast if we didn't have a minimum.

  4. Is Gratuity Added?

    For the smaller services we offer, we leave the gratuity to the clients discretion. However,  an 18% gratuity may be added to larger groups. We'll always tell you in advance.

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  1. Can I pay with a Credit Card?

    Yes! We use PayPal as our payment service partner. You have the peace of mind knowing that your financial information is safe and secure. We never have access to your credit card number.

  2. What types of payment do you accept?

    Cash and Checks are always accepted. Credit Crad payments made be made through Paypal. We'll set up a special payment link for you.

  3. Why do you require a deposit?

    Deposits effectively secure our services for the date of your event, and remove that date from booking any other clients. Deposits are non-refundable.

  4. When do I have to pay?

    A 30% non-refundable deposit and signed contract are required to secure our services for your event. The balance (and final guest count) are due no later than 10 business days prior to the event.

    Short notice bookings (less than 10 days notice) and Delivered Buffets require payment in full by credit card at time of booking.

    Dates are not considered booked without both the contract and deposit (or full payment) in our possesion. Until that time, dates remain open for booking by any client.

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  1. Are your Testimonials real?

    Yes. These are written by real folks we've done jobs for in the past, who were kind enough to share their experiences with us, and allowed us to include them on our website. It's their way of expressing their appreciation, and helping to spread the word about Kim & Ellorys Kitchen. And to them we say thanks!

  2. How far will you travel?

    We've been asked to provide services all over the country.

    If you're more local, check out our coverage map for travel charges.

     If you'd like us to appear outside of our normal area, special arrangements can be made. Overnight and kitchen fees may apply.

  3. Do you accomodate allergies?

    Yup! We've done complete dinners for folks who need Gluten-free, dairy-free...nut or seafood free menus, without a problem. Just let us know your restrictions, and we'll be happy to put a couple menu choices together for you. If you need to accommodate a guest or 2 with a special menu, the per person price for those specific meals may be higher, as it requires special ingredients and time.

  4. What happens when I fill out your "Contact Us" Form?

    We'll contact you, based on the method of contact you choose when filling out the form. We'll either set up a meeting in person, or by phone....or...we'll respond to you via email (if chosen) to answer any questions you may have.

    Having all of the information gives us a clear picture of the event you're interested in.

     Here's what WON"T happen. You won't be signed up for any unwanted spam or annoying emails. We won't sell your info to anyone!

    We also won't call you time and time again, checking on you.

    All information is deleted after 30 days with no contact.

  5. Did you change your name?

    Yes, we did! In January 2011 we decided to change our name from Once Upon A Kitchen, to Kim and Ellorys Kitchen. So many people just refer to us as Kim and Ellory...we thought this would simplify the process of trying to find us! After all, we're just plain folks...not a big stuffy corporation.

  6. Will you provide alcohol to our party?

    We can certainly make recommendations for wine pairings, or suggest a bartending service for your event, but Kim & Ellory's Kitchen does not "provide" alcohol.

  7. Do I have to sign a contract?

    Larger events require a full contract. A contract not only protects us, it also protects you. It lays out the rules and boundries for both client and chef service.

    Special arrangements and/or modifications can be made to the contract, as long as both parties agree, and changes are submitted in writing.

    Some things are there because the guys in "suits" tell us it has to be. Those things we can't change.

  8. Why do you say "kitchen charges may apply"?

    We are a Personal Chef Service, that also caters to large groups. If we're not able to cook in your home, or place of business, or event venue...then we have to rent a Certified Kitchen to do all the cooking. They charge us an hourly rate. Most of the time, we can get all of our prep and cooking done in about 5 hours, so the average charge is $125 ($25 per hour). There are times however, when more elaborate menus require more time. We will let you know before hand, so there are no surprises!

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