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Schedule a Tasting

We are more than happy to schedule a tasting for your Dinner Buffet Catering event.

If you've already booked a large (100 or more) event with us, the tasting is free of charge, up to $50 in value for large events. If multiple tastings are requested, there may be additional fees.

If you haven't booked with us yet, there is a fee for tastings, based on the selected items, and the number of folks attending the tasting. This fee (starting at $50 for large events) is deducted from your total bill when you book us, if your group is 100 or more. Tastings for smaller groups are not deductible.

Please note that we do not offer tastings for appetizer buffets, dessert buffets BBQ Services, or in Home Gourmet Dinners of Cooking Class Parties. Tastings for these services are cost prohibitive, or cannot be created in small quantity. If you insist on a tasting for these services, we will have to charge full price for all the ingredients, with no deduction from your bill. Tastings are reserved for large event Dinner Buffets only.

*Tasting fees for groups under 100 guests, or Budget Buffets,  can be arranged, but are not deductible from your final bill.

 "Why do you charge for tastings" ?
We don't just reach into a freezer and heat up some food. It's made from scratch. Tastings involve us booking out for the entire day, since most tastings are in the evening. We shop for each and every item, prep for several hours, and cook for several more. It's quite an investment in time and money.

It's also unfortunately sad but true that there are "professional tasters" out there. Folks who will schedule several tastings in a day, with multiple caterers, with no intention of actually booking one. Just getting a free meal.

Please keep in mind that not all items are available for a tasting. If the menu item you're thinking about tasting has to be purchased in bulk only, then it's cost prohibitive for us to offer it as a tasting. An example would be Prime Rib. You can't go out a purchase 2 slices of rib meat, and expect it to be a good representation of a 12 pound hand carved Prime Rib. See what we mean?

We will work closely with you to develope a tasting menu, that will instill confidence in the services we offer.

When scheduling a tasting, we will send out an invoice reminder of the cost, time and date of your tasting, as well as a link to our Payment Page, for the Tasting fee. Tasting fees must be paid in advance.

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