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 Terms & Conditions

Here's the stuff you should know before proceeding with a booking. We're going to do our best to avoid "legalese" here, if possible. Just plain talk that the majority of us actually understand. If you have questions about any of this stuff, please give us a call.

This is not a contract. It is merely a summary of Terms and Conditions. Please request a copy of our full contract for all binding agreements. 



 Delivered Buffets, Events of 10 people or less,  and Short Notice services require payment in full at time of booking. Scheduling for delivery based on available time slots, and may require reheating.

For larger group services, we require a 30% non-refundable credit card deposit and a signed contract to book our services. A date is not considered "booked" until both have been received. That means that we can still take on other clients for your requested date, so time is of the essence.

 The balance of the event is due 10 business days prior to the date of service. If you're event is 10 days or less away from the date you're booking it, we do require full payment at the time of booking. Any balance not paid 10 days before event will result in cancellation of services.

 Holiday Bookings must be paid in full using a credit card, at time of booking. That applies to Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New years Day, Valentines Day, Easter, 4th of July, and most major "Bank" Holidays. A 4% processing fee will be added to all payments.


 We do require a signed contract with larger Chef Service events (100 or more). It protects everyone involved. If we send you a contract and you have any questions about it, let us know. We'll be happy to explain anything. A signed contract and 30% non-refundable deposit are required for most large event bookings.

Forms of Payment:

 Payments may be made with cash, check, money orders or credit cards. We do not accept third party gift cards. Deposits must be made by credit card to secure services.

Credit Card Payments:

 We use PayPal for our credit card payments. We do NOT have access to your financial information. They are both trusted services, that everyone is familiar with. They take almost all forms of credit and debit cards.

Returned Checks:

Should a check be returned as NSF (insufficient funds) payment will need to be made by certified check, money order, or credit card. A $25 charge will be applied, as well as a 4% credit card processing fee (if paid by credit card). Should the event occur within 10 days, credit card payment is mandatory.


 An 18% gratuity may be  included for larger Chef Service events. If not listed on your invoice, then the gratuity is "at the clients discretion".

Additional Services:

 We offer many services that you might consider adding to your contract to make your event run even smoother. Our contracts are "service specific". Each staff member we send to an event has specific duties, based on the contracted services. Our staff may not be used for services other than those specifically listed on your contract or invoice.

Change of Service:

 If we have worked out a proposal, and you've signed a contract and given us a deposit, and then wish to make changes or additions to the services, you will need to submit them in writing. This can be done easily enough with an email.

 We will then write up a new invoice, and contract if needed, reflecting those changes, and any additional charges resulting in the increase in service. Written confirmation that you accept the new pricing must be received by us, in order to implement the changes. Notice of changes with less than 10 days notice, cannot be guaranteed, but we will make every attempt to accommodate you.


 Cancellation of services shall result in loss of deposit, or equivalent (30%) thereof if paid in full. An event may be considered for rescheduling at Chef Services discretion, however a new deposit will be required. Cancellation of services less than 10 days prior to event, will result in no refund of any monies paid to that point.

 Here's the slightly hairy part: Should the event be cancelled as a result of an "Act of God", the event may be rescheduled for a date no later that 48 hours from the original date, with no loss of deposit or balance. This of course is subject to availability. If a date is rescheduled after the 48 hour time frame, then a new deposit (30%) will be required to cover the loss of food items, as well as kitchen expenses.

 Having said that please note that our policy is much less severe than most service contractors. Most of them have a "too wasn't our fault" policy, and you lose everything. We, on the other hand, really try to make a painful situation, a bit easier to deal with.

Gift Certificates:

Hold on to your hats, cause this section  is a"BIGGIE".

Per Illinois law, Gift Certificates are valid for the dollar amount for 5 years after purchase.

 Gift Certificate purchases using a credit card, as with any of our services,  will be charged a processing fee.

 Gift Certificates are based on a specific dollar amount. Because of the ever changing prices of food and utilities, Kim & Ellory's Kitchen Inc cannot guarantee that intended services will be available at the same price as time of purchase, should a Gift Certificate not be redeemed within 365 days of purchase. Example: A gas gift card purchased last year, won't buy you the same amount of gas this year. Same thing. Food costs fluctuate.

Gift Certificates must be used in their entirety in a single event, and may not be spread out over several events. There is no refund given for unused portions of a Gift Certificate.

Chef Gift Certificates may not be used for individual meals for the week, although they can be used for large portion heat and serve meals for groups. Heat and Serve services must be received in a single delivery, and may not be scheduled for multiple deliveries.

 We will always honor the dollar amount, and do our best to provide exceptional and similar services within that budgetary restraint.

Cancellation and Rescheduling: Gift Certificates are a tricky thing when it comes to cancelling an event. We incur  a bunch of upfront costs for every event, so cancelling a scheduled Gift Certificate redemption will result in a downgrading of your services. We have to subtract our losses from the Gift Certificate. No matter how much we may like you, and how pleasant you are to chat with...we are firm with this policy. Nothing personal.

All Gift Certificates issued under our old name of Once Upon A Kitchen will be honored!

Gift Certificate Recipients should fill out the Gift Certificate Redemption Form to schedule time and date to redeem services. Recipients must read and agree to all terms and conditions stated above, when submitting the Gift Certificate Redemption Form.

Scheduling is based upon availability. Have a few different dates in mind, just in case we're booked on your first or second choice. Don't wait till the last minute. Have your certificate at the ready when filling out the redemption form, as the gift certificate number of issuance is required.

 Remember...even though a friend or family member may have a specific use in mind for the certificate they've given you, you can always choose other options that fall within the value of the Certificate. For example, a Gift Certificate intended for an Ultimate Gourmet Dinner for 4, could be used instead for a Full Dinner Buffet! It's your call. We won't tell them. That's up to you.

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